Hints for Success

Habits OF Successful students

SET PRIORITIES. Complete tasks that matter first. Follow through.
"Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do." —Steve Jobs

MAKE A PLAN: Start with a single step. Think in stages.

COMMUNICATE. Seek to understand. Cultivate listening skills.

DEVELOP TEAM-BUILDING SKILLS. Work with others; value diverse points of view, ask for help.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Nutrition, rest,  fun, balance.

STRETCH. Try something new— a concert, a sport, a play, a hike. Playing it safe is familiar.  Exploring something new can lead to discovery.

GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT. Self-reflection leads to growth. Mental criticism inhibits.

ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING EVERY DAY. Small things count: performing a kindness, reading, expressing appreciation, homework!

AIM HIGH: Think about achieving your personal best.

Donít wait to start writing

Most professional writers spend countless hours brainstorming and writing page after page that they know won't show up in their final product. They know that ideas need time to develop.

We all have a tendency to freeze up when itís time to start writing because we fear that our ideas arenít perfect and that we might not produce anything good enough to use in our essays. We censure ourselves. We become our own worst critics.

But how can you produce something great if you donít get started and give your ideas time to evolve? Remember the motto, ďjust do it!Ē

Author Jodi Picoult summed up the importance of a rough draft this way: ďYou can edit a bad page, but you canít edit a blank page.Ē