College Entry Consulting
provides individualized advising for college-bound students and their families.


"I donít know if I could have written all those college essays in time without you!"

-Gabe Brown, student


"Marti, I am so grateful that you helped me go to the college of my dreams! You taught me how to be a better writer and editor, how to write heartfelt essays, and you helped me discover my college! I am so fortunate to have met you! I look forward to this year and all the ways in which it will shape me."

-Jasmine Keuter, student

FRESHMAN & Sophomore YearS

  • Discussion of curriculum for college preparation
  • Discussion of extracurricular choices
  • Information on volunteer activities
  • Timelines for admission testing
  • Discussion about summer plans
  • Planning for campus visits


Junior year

  • Discussion of student talents, academics, goals
  • Review of curriculum choices and extracurricular activities
  • Research on individual colleges and admissions policies, based on a matrix of student goals, finances, interests
  • Preparing a résumé
  • Timeline for testing
  • Timeline of admissions procedures
  • Discussion of how and when to contact colleges
  • Preparation for campus visits
  • Mock interviews
  • Explanation of the Financial Aid System


Senior Year

  • Consultations and timelines for parents
  • Assembling a college list
  • Organizing binder with charts
  • Discussion of college admission criteria
  • Review of curriculum, extracurricular activities,
    test preparation options
  • Fine-tuning a résumé for applications
  • Preparation for campus visits, mock interviews
  • Essay instruction, from brainstorming to editing
  • Proofreading of applications
  • Networking
  • Discussion of financial aid and scholarships
  • Comparison of acceptance packages!