Why Use a Consultant?


"Thank you for helping to guide me through this last year. You opened doors for me that I didn't know existed."

-Aaron Claxton, student


"Martha made a complicated process fun! This service was tremendous."

-Warren Wong

Experience and knowledge.

My role as an independent college consultant is to help students select and gain admission to the best colleges for them. I have toured colleges in 20 states and in Canada to stay informed on campus developments and trends in higher education. I help students in two ways: with choosing colleges and then with writing great applications. The multitude of choices today in higher education makes selecting a college an exciting but increasingly complex process.


Present Your Best Profile.

As a writing instructor, I enjoy engaging with students as I guide them in crafting their best work. I help students prepare well-informed, organized essays that show their strengths and talents to admissions readers. My students nearly always leave feeling confident and happy about essays that represent their passions and individuality with authenticity and spirit. 

Original essays can be key factors in winning college scholarships and support. 

—Martha Ravits, Ph.D.